Getting admissions right is the beating heart of every school. Reviewing, complying and managing admission policies is a necessity, without admissions no school can exist.

At SLS we have many years of working with schools, and academies and local authorities on their admission policies. We have experience of supporting schools through changes to their admissions, the consultation process and challenges to the office of the school adjudicator.

Getting your admission policy right, complies with the codes and legislation, and ensuring that your trust operates lawfully and transparently is of absolute fundamental importance to the school or academy. Admission policies can sometimes have inadvertent consequences. Admissions can be challenged by parents, neighbouring schools or local authorities.

Our expertise of admission appeals runs to the thousands! With our unrivalled experience of training appeal panel members, clerking, presenting and advising about appeals you can rest assured of an expert admission service.

We can review the material used for Admission Appeal presentations, provide training for presenting officers and school staff.

Our training for clerks and appeal panel members is based on two decades of delivering the training – and is based on real life scenarios with an emphasis on practical application.



  • Key elements of preparation

  • Stage 1 - Prejudice and the efficient use of educational resources – How does an IAP decide?

  • What must a school show to prove prejudice?

  • What are reasonable questions to ask?

  • Stage 2 – Individual reasons for wanting a particular school – A brand new test?

  • Infant Class Size Appeals - changes and challenges

  • Multiple Appeals - and the prejudice test

  • After the appeal is over.

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability

  • The Equality Act and Appeals




With the experience of preparing papers for schools contesting appeals. Training staff to present the case against admission and highlighting key areas that support the school, I have direct experience of helping schools explain why they simply cannot accommodate every child who wants to attend. I offer a comprehensive review process of documentation, policies, the school case against admission and associated correspondence. 


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