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Many years ago, admission policies sometimes never seemed to change.

However now there is an obligation on every own Admission Authority (so every Academy Trust) to comply with the Code of Practice, to consult, review and determine policies.

Failure to do so risks policy failure, complaints and intervention by the Office of the School Adjudicator Expansion of schools, changes to age range, changes to the local housing landscape and educational priorities can all lead to necessary changes to admission requirements. Adapting to these changes often require a review of the policy can help ensure the school delivers to the local community.

This training course offers Academy Trusts and their officers

 • An overview of admissions

• Key elements of the School Admissions Code and School Admission Appeal Code

• Obligations of the school/trust and the local authority

• The statutory process for determining and varying admissions

  • Consultation timelines and practicalities

• Key concepts – Fairness, Transparency and Clarity

• What you must include

• What you must not include!

• Common problems

• Usual points of intake and transfer

• Mid year admissions

• Practical tips for good admission practice




Having experience of thousands of appeals, and spent over 20 years delivering training to appeals panels this is a comprehensive, but accessible training service for schools and academies. This can be delivered to individual schools, trusts or to mixed groups with the possibility of sharing panel members for future appeals.


The course will cover:-

  • The Appeal and Admission Arrangements 

  • Critical Elements of Admission Policies

  • Lawfulness of Arrangements - Referrals to the Office of the Schools' Adjudicator

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements under the Appeal Code 2012

  • The timetable for Appeals

  • Documentation that MUST be sent out

  • Admission numbers for schools 

  • School premises

  • The 2 Stage Test 

    • Stage 1 - Prejudice - considerations and decision making

    • Stage 2 - Individual circumstances and the threshold test

  • Managing the process

  • The Equality Act, Human Rights and Natural Justice

  • After the appeal - complaints and second appeals


Possibly the most thankless job in the school! As a presenting officer for appeals, no-one is ever pleased to see you. This training is designed to provide a practical and robust procedure that helps you present a fair, balanced and clear case.

To understand the legal tests, the possible threats and challenges to your case and how to overcome them – all with a professional approach.

The course covers:



  • What does the law say about appeals?

  • Key elements of preparation

  • Stage 1 - Prejudice and the efficient use of educational resources – How does an IAP decide?

  • What must a school show to prove prejudice?

  • What are reasonable questions to ask?

  • Stage 2 – Individual reasons for wanting a particular school – A brand new test?

  • Infant Class Size Appeals - changes and challenges

  • Multiple Appeals - and the prejudice test

  • After the appeal is over.

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability

  • The Equality Act and Appeals

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