Managing Complaints in School

We offer courses to enable school staff and governors to feel more confident in dealing with complaints. The greatest compliment I had when delivering this course on a miserable January evening was from a head who said ‘I was dreading this tonight, I was just not in the mood. I can’t believe that not only did I get a lot from it, I actually enjoyed it!’


Take this course if:

  • You want to effectively manage complaints in schools

  • Understand why the process really matters

  • You handle complaints and want to ensure you are legally robust

  • You want to know when you can say ‘that’s not a complaint’ and close it down from the outset

  • You want to check if your policy is compliant


It is for heads, SLT, business managers and governors or trustees, and focuses on practicalities and reaching solutions.


Investigating Complaints

Take this course if:

  • Your role requires you to investigate complaints

  • You need to present findings to a panel of the complainant

  • You need to feel more confident about the process and procedures that are required to manage complaints

  • You are the school/trust complaint co-ordinator

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