The 2017 DfE Exclusions Guidance is very driven by process and procedure. It can sometimes feel like the facts of a matter are less important than sending a letter at the right time. Many heads use a permanent exclusion so rarely that they are unfamiliar with the detail of the guidance.

If the right procedures are not followed, then the permanent exclusion may be at risk -  no matter what the facts of the case are. The IRP can quash a decision and send it back to be re-made – often with a strong suggestion that the exclusion is overturned.

This can cause many problems for a head and school. It may form the basis of a complaint to Ofsted, governors or trustees – and even legal action in some cases in court or the tribunal.

Our experienced team can be part of the process that helps heads get it right. Supporting a review of the documentation, a critical analysis of the procedures that have been followed, decision making and correspondence. Even to the point of advising on the head teachers report to governors, statements for the IRP and draft submissions.

Don’t leave it until too late -  the further into the process you are the more difficult it is for us to help put it right.

Give us a call, fill out the form and we can help you secure the right outcome.