No head wants to exclude a pupil. Getting exclusions right is a real challenge.

Get it wrong and the process can be contested, it can take time and money to put it right. Worse still, it can lead to decisions effectively being overturned. The DfE 2017 Exclusions Guidance focuses on the process and not necessarily the facts of the case.


This is a course for Head Teachers, Governors, Local Authority Officers, Clerks, and school staff involved in the whole process. Every cog that drives this wheel is critical.

If the process is wrong, the decision can be challenged. An Independent Review Panel (IRP) can quash a decision – and it is as if the permanent exclusion had never happened. The pressure this puts on heads and school staff can be immense.


Everyone has a vital and distinct role to play in ensuring that the exclusion process is fair, transparent and well managed. Being aware of the specific requirements for each role enables everyone to understand why getting each element right is vital.


The course modules are accessed on the online platform or can be delivered as taught sessions using web conferencing.

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It covers:-

  • DFE guidance on exclusions and school discipline

  • The legal basis of exclusions

  • The role of clerks of governing bodies, heads, governors, IRPs and others

  • The mechanics of exclusion

  • What a good policy covers – and why a bad one causes problems

  • Why do policies matter in exclusions?

  • Persistent disruptive behaviour, or a serious one off incident. What does this mean in practice?

  • Robust investigations

  • Secure decision making – fixed or permanent

  • Decision making, notification, and procedure

  • Vulnerable pupils, SEN and complicating factors

  • The Local Authority role 

  • Obligations of the IRP

  • The role of the SEN adviser

  • Natural Justice and the Human Rights Act

  • The Equality Act 2010

  • Pitfalls and bear traps

  • Practical case studies

This is an in-depth and thorough course designed to be practical, pragmatic and easy to put into practice.