Becoming compliant following the GDPR and DPA changes is a major issue for all schools, academies and trusts. 


As a specialist practitioner, I provide support to many schools on  UK wide basis.


As a Solicitor, for full details about the GDPR and Data Protection services for schools please see 

To download 7 Essential Elements of GDPR Compliance for Primary Schools PDF, please click here.




Following the implementation of GDPR there has been significant confusion and misunderstandings about how to apply the new law. Taking a pragmatic, robust approach that recognises the excellent practice that is already at the heart of most schools addresses these issues. A range of training has been developed to support schools and trusts.


These modules can be combined for bespoke training for trusts and schools.


  • What is the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018?

    • Principles and Practice Basics

  • What is data?

  • Roles, responsibilities and obligations in schools

  • Data processing and management 

  • The Role of the DPO in Schools

  • Sharing information with other professionals - pitfalls and legal responsibilities

  • Managing Subject Access requests

    • timelines

    • voluminous requests

    • repeat requests

    • confidentiality

  • Breach Management

    • how to report it

    • how to encourage staff to be open 

    • liaison with the ICO

    • managing the data subject

    • lessons learnt

    • the role of governors and trustees

  • How to map your data

  • 3rd party supplies - what you must have in place

  • What is Privacy by Design and why does it matter?

  • How to conduct a Data Privacy Impact Assessment

  • The interaction of GDPR with employment law

  • Sanctions and reprimands



A training course for in school DPOs. This training course is made up of all the above modules. There are additional elements to the course to look specifically at the extra requirements on in school DPOs. The course is run over a period of 5 half days, there is an assessment process at the end to ensure that in school DPOs are fully prepared for the challenge.