SEND, provision and placement are daily challenges in schools.  School are all facing decreasing real budgets, and the reduction of health and local authority services all increase the pressure. Every school wants to do the very best for all children, and if money were no object every school, I know would expand its SEN provision.


However, resources are nearly always an issue. The SEND Code of Practice 2015 sets out legal obligations for the local authority, health agencies and schools. Head teachers and SENCOs plan interventions and support for pupils, often stretching resources in creative ways to support pupils in our schools. Increasingly schools are being expected to manage children with ever more complex needs, to admit children whose needs are beyond the skill and scope of mainstream settings. To do even more, with less money. In many schools, the SEN budget is way beyond breaking point.


This can lead to conflict between parents, carers and schools. Sometimes it means that pupils are either not in the right setting or do not have the right resources to support their learning.


This is an area where the technicalities of the law really can make a difference. There are limits about what local authorities can expect of schools. It is the legal obligation of a local authority to secure suitable education for a pupil. Schools must understand when and how they can push back, how to protect their school and ensure that only pupils whose needs can't be met are admitted is key.


Funding for pupils with an EHCP or SEN can be a real challenge for schools. Unless school leaders understand the detail of funding or what material can be taken into the assessment process, it is likely that proper resources will not be allocated.


The support we offer includes consultancy, training, advocacy and representation.


This is not about preventing pupils from be admitted to the right school. It is not about seeking an unjust cash injection to school budget. It is not about passing the buck.


It is a service based solely on the principle that support for pupils with additional needs is critical and accessing what is available can massively improve their outcomes, and in many cases benefit others in school.


To discuss how we can assist with admissions and gaining the right resources, please call or us use the contact form.


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